Monday, June 02, 2003

Yeah Right. It seems that Berliner keyboards are not exactly QWERTY either. I'm thinking of correcting my previous post to remove the Yen stuff and put real single quotes instead, but this is contrary to my blog ethics. Maybe I'm just a lazy bastard; who knows.
So, I'm back from Berlin. That was a helluva week end. I really like this word, Helluva. I think it's ranked around third, after Lullaby and Lorelei. Berlin then, if you are around Europe, don’t miss it, it’s really a city of its own, you can’t imagine how it feels to be in a city eight time as big as Paris, with huge avenues, parks, gardens and the sun shining over the whole city. We’ve spent our weekend between museum, walks in town and techno experience. Germany is told to be the original home of techno, maybe ex-aequo with the U.K., and Berlin sure is one of the biggest techno nodes. So we’ve been to the tresor, and dieses war wirklich gut. Thanks BabelFish. Did I ever mentioned that the idea of a babel fish came from Douglas adams? Now I have. I’m sorry, this is kind of not straight forward at all, but hell, that’s the way I’m thinking, and I don’t want you to miss a single idea. Remember the other day, I tried to organize my thoughts, result: I forgot what I was about to say. By the way, this remember thing reminds me of one of the best museums I’ve ever seen: the wall museum in Berlin. (Note: I also want to tell you about Matisse, I’ll do that later) This museum is about the wall in Berlin, about the different means people have found to get thought it, over it, under it, around it, to get to the other side. Stories, artworks, wall paintings, everything. It’s really hard to describe what you feel in such a place, you already know the story, but when you read what people did, what they remember of these times, when you start to understand what it was really like, you can’t help but feel your heart shrink, and if you are a bit tired, you’ll start crying. The link with was I was saying before is a single sentence I thought about when in the museum: “remember tomorrow”. Won’t explain.
That is a long post, so I’ll conclude: Go to Berlin, go to the Checkpoint Charlie museum (Tegel Ariport, bus128, Ubahn6, KochStr.) About Matisse, see that.
I’ve linked a lot of ideas to net-nodes, thanks to people who maintain this content. For any remark, contact.

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