Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Well, yesterday was as bad as monday, but today was good. Once again, when you are tired nothing goes well. I'm ready for next weekend now.
So here are the news (get ready, it might be long)
I'll start with last weekend, for I'm too lazy to recall what happened before, and only a few people would bother anyway.
So, last weekend I went to a friend's, in Nancy. The main object of the trip, apart from the trip itself (always good to leave from hometown from time to time), was a jazz concert, part of the Nancy Jazz Pulsations program, a five hours show, featuring (I got to google that to get the right spellin) K├ęsiah Jones. That was good. The night was long, we went to a 24h boulangerie twice in the night, a gay bar (why the hell ?), and walked all around the city just 'cause this as***le wouldn't remeber where we were heading for more than 30 seconds.
Sunday was lazy, good meal, good wine, back to Paris.
Monday and thursday were no good, too much work, tired from the weekend, hell.
As I said up, today was better, sunny, I had slept, all the stuff I had to do sundely seemed easier (not easy yet, but not as impossible as before), so I'm in a better mood today.

That was for the backlog, now let me just spend a few lines on a news I saw in wired (yeah, reading the news on a palm during the morning bus transfer is a good way to start the day), Lego is hunting a new 'Lego Master Builder'. Each and every boy know what a lego is, a lot of them (us) have spend some years playing with those bricks, building whatever we pleased, beeing god (yellow plastic flavor). Now Lego is opening one of the most wanted job on earth: Lego God. Well, my lego passion is gone now, but it seems a lot of people are ready for the fight, one of them will play forever after.
From my point of view, Lego has become more and more commercial, lauching series of whatever trendy, not really related to constructing worlds anymore, more like assembling simple toys to play with instead of directly buying them. I guess I'm not a child anymore.
[looking at lego website]
Well, after surfing a bit, I apology, the commercial stuff is what we see in malls, but you still have REAL constructing material on the website.

GottaGo, C y'a world.

Monday, October 13, 2003


Hey. Just some quick words to let you know I'm still alive. And tired. Don't know if it is because of the week end, or because of this awful Monday, or both... But I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. Sleep. Need it. See y'a world.