Tuesday, September 30, 2003

HTML - Fractal complexity

Hello World.
I've been coding /fighting/ the template of the small blog I use for the links (left bottom corner of your screen - hopefully) for several hours.
I didn't want to have the standard scroll bar, but some arrows, couldn't make them out of the frame as you can't perform javascript 'scrollBy' on a page placed on a different host (whateverwimm is the main page, wwimm-links is the links page). I still did want some fix arrows, not the up/down links I had before on the date line. So here we go for some javascript quick learning. I'm a fast learner (for coding and whatever mathematical stuff (yeah right)), so I quickly wrote a small code on a test page to do the nice scrolling of the page, the arrows staying at the top. Cut 'n Paste, didn't work. After hours, I figured that the DOCTYPE at the very begining of the template was screwing everything, as (I suppose) my code was not coherent with the doctype. Kill that. Now it works.
That is something like a Basic Rule in computer programming: when you have no idea why it doesn't work, you can be sure it's not coming from what you just wrote but from another detail, unnoticed before and quickly forgotten, hidden in some (remote) part of your (huge) code.
That leads to the title: Fractal complexity: basic HTML is simple and quick, anybody can write a HelloWorld page, then you feel confident and embrace the whole complexity of the Internet. And you don't sleep anymore. Beware.
- Thanks to the likes of phpnuke and blogger, you don't (really) need hardcoding anymore (except when it comes to details, forget about details) -.
BTW, here are my sources for html, javascript and co: CommentCaMarche (fr) & DevGuru. Of course you already knew php.net.
Sorry for such a long techy post - Cya World!

Sunday, September 28, 2003

This and That

Hey World.
I'll be right back.


Here I am.
I originaly opened my browser to post about my new palm toy, but a lot of stuff came to my mind when I was waiting for this damn 'light' browser to load. Just kidding, it is light. mostly.
Okay, so I have a palm, which was my dad's some time ago, and was lying in a little box inches from my computer, alone and forgotten. Got it out, installed a news retriever, and let's rock. Now I'll read the washington post in the paris bus.
I'll be right back (again).

Ok, here I am again.
So, I am now searching for websites offering news in a convenient format for handheld device, means no fancy tables, images, and whatever not text.
Plucker provides a basic list, including /., wired and such, plus some news as CNN. I'm quite sure reuters would have such a handheld formated section, the thing is WHERE THE F*CK IS IT !?
Well, searching that I found several collections of classics in plucker format. Some reading. Cool.
I'll take some for the ride.

I'm almost done, just to finish: I've seen The Core this afternoon. Well. That film is no good. They tried to remake armageddon, twisting the scenario a bit so nobody would guess. A forgotten scientist creates a new device to melt rocks, together with the super-steel to build the incredible machine, right when needed by the American Army.
One funny thing: the rat (yeah, the super hacker - the actor is the little guy in road trip) plays a tune using a chewing gum package (well, here my english is failing) to unlock a phone (Now you've got interurban calls gratis, for life.) This is just like the Tgirl talking with a modem in T3.
I was going to see an armageddon like, I saw a... bad remake of... can't find something quite as plotless.

Watching Alice in wonderland.
Singingdaffodils. I like this word, daffodil. It goes with lulllaby, lolita and loreleil. I like Ls.
Ohoh, Alice ate the mushroom. Too much of it. hehe.
See ya World.

About this study I mentionned earlier(Can you raed tihs?), showing that you can read scrambled words, as long as first and last letters are well placed... Found a trace on slashdot, and then to the source... which is not any university. (BTW, sometimes it is about cambridge uni and sometimes just an english uni. Anyway, here is the trace:
Slashdot->bisso.com->languagehat->avva's blog(Start).
Note all are somehow blogs. And the university didn't publish (on the net) or nobody didn't care to link.
However, read that for a more complete story.
And that paper.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hello world.
It's been a while - my home computer was down for a week, and a lot of work at work, no time for blogging there - here are the news:
- still havent find my apartment, still searching
- summer is still here, despite what meteorologists try to make us believe
- ITs have finaly managed to produce low price PCs with easy to install stuff, everything is up an running minutes /hours/ after you came home with a bunch of boxes. (given I already had the internet wired)
I've found a BlogStockMarket, will have a look at that later (see link on right side), my firebird seems a bit unstable, I've been kicked twice when browsing this afternoon.
Well, that is a nice chat, but I need to go out and feel the sun when it is still here.
Ciao world.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


My home ? Mine !
Soon ? I'll know that tomorrow or next week, let's hope.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Hello world.
Nothing new today, lot of work, visited an apartment this evening, cool, might be too expensive, I'll know the exact price tomorrow. We'll see.
Tomorow will start early, so let's go to bed.
Cya world.


Well, I'm not sleepy right now. I'm listening some random music on shoutcast radio. I wonder if they have licenses to broadcast. f*cking RlAA.
It's quite funny to see the internet, which has grown wildly unoticed from any commercial vamp during the last ten (twenty) years, now poluted by people wanting to own that or that. I'm not really concerned by the linux/sco debate nor this RIAA affairs as I'm in europe (I do hope the frontwave will be stoped inside the mighty US of A and we won't have to bother), but I'm contemplating all that movement, debates, subpoenas and noise, wondering if I should trow my computer away and get back to ink and paper.
Thanks to the community, which IS the backbone of the internet, I won't.
[change of music - I feel like fighting now - never underestimate...]
Yes, the community of people who USE the internet, who browse, post, email, lurk, blog, rant, troll, swap, read, write, design, search, develop, test, USE the biggest bloody entity ever created by man, this community runs the internet, is the blood, the red cells, the energy running trough the cold and icy glass wiring the continents under the oceans.
- Please feel free to copy and distribute this rant -

Good night world.

Monday, September 15, 2003


I'm lucky today.
I take two buses to go to work, and to more to come back, I had three of them as soon as I walked by the bus stop,
back home the lift was at ground floor, and I had emails from distant friends in the box.
If I was in gambling I would. I'm not.
An article about a cambridge university study showing that you can write all wrong and still be read spread today, I'm searching for a reliable source...
And I have no comment about my digital camera problem... I think I'll pick the olympus, as frenchy has slightly the same one and I know it is nice.
By the way, I browsed through the columns of the washington post today, find it quite interesting, good overviews.
By another way, you may have (or not) noticed that I don't use my googler anymore. Well, that's not because I'm grown up and have started to use hyperlinks with more care, it's just because my computer is much more stable since the weather is cooler and I don't have to save when writing, so I write directly in blogger. I might write a pluggin for mozilla to instantly create the link to the google search... Yeah, sounds great!... does it? Well, if you have mozilla, you can select a word, right clic, and clic 'web search for "selected" ', so it would be for ie-users. Still lot of people.
Oh, I'm still looking for an apartement in paris - to be honest I wasn't very efficient this summer - if you have anything, do not hesitate, post a comment or mail me. My mail is somewhere on this page, left side.
Well, that was a nice chat, I feel like I could continue for some days, but I've got to go - See ya.
( BTW: I didnt find the cambridge uni study )

Sunday, September 14, 2003


I've been playing with the design and code of the blog, the content was left out for some days.
Well, I was in provins this weekend, nice and sunny, a nice way to finish my holidays. Tomorrow I'll be back to work.
Anyway, I'm planing to buy a digital camera, as I'm in France my choice is different from the one you can have overseas I guess, my short list contains
Olympus Camedia C-220 Zoom and Fujifilm Finepix A204, from all those, given that I don't want to spend more than 200€. The olympus is smaller, the fujifilm has an optic zoom, the price difference is not much. I'm hesitating. If anyone has any of those, or something else, tell me what you think.

Friday, September 12, 2003


Well, I'm enhacing this blog with cool stuff, let me know if anything is too much.
My new gadget is the imagepoper: [yingyang].
We shall use that instead of including the images in plaintext. What do you think?
Update: Now I've got a spot to write down links without any comment, just as I browse.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Clubbing. At the batofar. Was the birthday of a friend, that's easy to remember, 11/09. Had a beer and a piece of cake in a bar near hotel de ville, then to the batofar, a club on a péniche (barge), goooood music. All night.
We left around 5am, went all the way back to St Michel (that was a walk).
Had a hot chocolate in a 24h café, le café du départ, and off to sleep.
I find it fun to take the first metro, when people go to work, still half sleeping, and you go to sleep, half sleeping to, just perfect oposite.
Now it's hard to wake up.
Let's have a look at the internet, see what's up since last week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Now we have titles

And we will have photos soon. The futur is coming!

Update: I've added the 'comment' feature.
Update: Oups, I forgot - Have a look at Oc and Despair. I stumbled on the first one earlier this week, cool design and nice strips. A strip - no, it was a desktop image - remind me of the second one.
Update: I'm giving a try to the chatterbox - but as it's my dad's birthday I'll finish later.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Exhaustion. Good one. Roller on the shore of Britain (France - not Great-Britain). Blue sky, sun, wind coming from the sea. Freedom.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Hey world, just a quick word before I leave for my one week holidays, don't know if I'll be wired there. Life is cool those days, autumn is fighting with summer, it will eventually win but the weather is still warm and sunny, good, today I was happy, don't know why, my colleagues think I'm in love - if so I'd better find out quick. Wrote some nice poems today, didn't post them, lazy, will do that next week when coming back. Well, got to pack stuff and get ready, have a nice week world.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Thanks Pal.

Let the beat control your body

Note : The link was not so easy to find. The first and second google gave me were sites with about six or seven popup appearing while loading. Like a porn site. Hum.
Only one for the one i chose.