Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Yesterday, when sunbathing at 'champs de mars', I had a discussion with a girl about sun and rain, my point was: 'There is no such distinction as sun=good, rain=bad, a good big heavy storm washes out the sky and then the air is fresh and all, that's summer storms, and that's good, except if your are on a boat and you can't sea the shore anymore, your radio is fubar and a giant shark is trying to mess with your girlfriend, but that doesn't happen so often in real life. Of course, winter rain, this little nasty creature which can crawl under any protection you have and climb behind your back, getting trough your skin to freeze your bones, this rain ain't no good. If you've followed trough this, I can get to my point: the rain we have just now is a good one. The skies are darker than in the middle of the night, because the moon can't be seen, it's a bit like the earth surface as shown in matrix, man have spread dark smoke to blind the machines from the energy of the sun, and we are all fucked. But, and this is a big but, we have thunder. A flash, three seconds, the drums. Nothing, nothing on earth or in the universe, is that powerful. See the light, wait for the rhythm of the skies to fall upon you and shake your bones. This has the same effect as a good guitar solo, a very good one.
Well, I'm in a state of mind far better than this morning when I woke up, France is in the grip of strikes, again, I'm feeling less and less attached to this country. Whatever, I'm not bound to speak their language anymore. Just kidding, you know I can't write poems in English yet, and I can't live without writing poems. Well, I can, but it's cool to write, so I'll continue. Ok, I'd love to continue chatting, but I have no idea of an interesting subject to switch on, so let's finish for now.

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