Monday, June 30, 2003

For the first time since ten years, I didn't save my post in a temp file when writing it, for that was a small post and I though my pc wouldn't crash just now. It did. Thanks Murphy.
Well, I was saying, apart from asking Frenchy why he said english is a stupid language, that I spend my weekend ay my uncle's wedding, that I needed five whole minutes to find this word (save file), I got a lot of job nowaday, no time to think about anything out of work right now, you can get that as an excuse for me not posting. Today I learnt stuff about HepB virus mutations, advanced medical research that is, cool. My job rocks. Ok, that was for the what's new part. Now lets go through the thinking part. I was halfway when the crash, so I'll try to get things from the begining as much as I can. Yeah, I was saying that I got the impression that I'm not seeing my friends as soon as I did some time ago, lets say some months to get things numbered. Can I say that? whatever, that's wrong, because I saw most of them three days ago, just before the wedding, but that's my feeling, feelings are not based on facts, that's why we have a brain AND a heart, you must use both to get along. Right now, my heart is getting blue, which means no good, my brain is thinking 'what the hell?' and my fingers are following and typing. Ok, I got no answer tonight, some will read that and think... I don't know what you'll think, that reminds me something I said in my previous post, I almost forgot here, we didn't talk too much last week, noise and so on, party was not meant to talk, maybe that is what downs me. I'm just observing that I don't know what you think. I can't figure. Well, most of the time I can, obviously we're in the same world and the same reality applies, to everybody, so all I have to do is think 'if I were him, what would I think about that' and, most of the time, it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Last weeks I failed, each and every time. Maybe I need holidays. Maybe I need to sleep. Well, that is something like a 'welcome in my mind' post, but you were warned, it's in the bloody title.

This had been an okay week. No more no less. It's quite hard to say something about that.
Anyway. This weekend, i put my sister's goods into boxes. Actually, i live in her appartement but she decided to stay in the South with her boy-friend. It's quite a task to prepare a removal. And quite uninteresting for someone who doesn't know me.
I have seen for the third time "Matrix Reloaded". With Mum. She said she liked the movie cos it was funny. First time i hear that.
I have also seen a horror movie : "Haute Tension". A great movie. Maybe the best horror flick i have seen for a long time. Cecile de France is exceptionnal. Hope she will continue to do such movies.
Yesterday, i have seen "Creature", a boring alien ripoff. I decided to post reviews on the internet movie database. Writing more and more in this stupid language might help me to be better understood because i suppose i make terrible mistakes.
See you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Good Weekend At Beauvais. With the same concerns. The concerns that concern rich people. In french, we called it la vie de chateau. Lot of good food and lot of alcohol : wine, vodka, champagne, armagnac. Didn't help me to sleep well. Did many and fun nightmares. Didn't care cos i was living a dream.
But all dreams have an ending and today i'm working. But i don't have to be disappointed. I should try to fight now.
Yesterday i was wondering if the question of self confidence is only a question of choice. That's a strange question. So i chose to have a shower. See you.

Monday, June 23, 2003

As a kid of the new techs, I'm not someone to be impressed by some technoshitlookatmyplasmaeffectitsgreat, but here... Animusic (2001). Don't know why I didn't go trough this piece before, but it's... well, it's art. Ok, for the one who don't get a word out of my astonishment, here is what it is: Animusic is a set of four (five?) pieces of music, artificial, with artificial instruments, it's called music-driven computer animation. So, you got artificial instrument, 3D animation, playing computer music. The music is somehow common, I mean it's good, but it's not mozart either. What's cool is the design of the instrument, automated guitars, ghost powered drums, and the synchro between those instruments and the music, it's really like looking at a real orchestra, where you can distinguish each player among it's fellows, but without any player, just instruments. Ok, you gotta see it, I can't tell you much more than that.

Hey, just had an e-mail from a friend I hadn't heard of for two weeks. Yeah, that's some time huh. Okay, that's not real content for a post, but I read the mail and I told myself 'cool, I was waiting for that', I should post to tell the world about it. So I did. And there was no content. But maybe while you are reading this a meteor crashed outside just around the corner, you avoided it by being just here in front of your screen, thus I saved your life. Think about it.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Good week-end. I was at a friend's, in the country, one hour north from Paris, near a town called Beauvais, you might have heard of it, it is the third airport for Paris, the one with the cheap flights. Anyway, the weather was nice, the swimming pool a bit cold for my Mediterranean toes, but who cares, the food was great. That's one cool thing about France, even if strikes can freeze the whole country for two weeks, we still have foie gras. Do you now what are Tournedos Rossini? Check it out, order what you need in the nearest French Food WebSite, and go taste heaven.
By the way, I've noticed I haven't completed my post about Le Bourget, sorry. It's just too late now, all I can say is: we saw planes, we ate canapés in the Rolls-Royce house, an Airbus A320 can (nearly) perform a looping, that was fun. So, after 48 hours thinking about nothing but what would be the next bottle of wine, or whether the sauna was hot enough or not, or were is the sun lotion, I'm exhausted. And I gonna sleep. Well.
nb: this post was Google powered, one result was strange. Guess.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I'd like to go on rampage right now, but I'm grown and educated, so I'll grab a book and read, trying to forget.
It's a good book by the way, Neal Asher, The skinner.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Yeah. True, we went to the Bourget. Saturday. Quite fun actually. Saw plenty of planes flying and doing funny things and heard terrible but harmonious sound. Most exciting was to admire these flying object in the rolls royce stand where "so british"waiters offer you drinks and food. Thanks to the guy with the card marked "journalist" who led us to this meeting.
Went to a party of a friend. Met her past and present boyfriends. Met other people. Drank a lot of muscat and a bit of martini and champagne.
Sunday. Saw my aunt in the suburb. Took photos of her wonderful house. Ate biologic food. Strange name "biologic name". Walk near the Marne. A good day.
Went back and saw a very good korean movie : joint security area.
Good weekend.
Still feel the same waiting for new events.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Back from silence. I had a few stuff to take care of last week, plus I didn't have time for my daily scan of the news, I hope you didn't miss me too much. Ok, let's start with a glimpse at the future of the net: .la stands for LosAngeles. One day, this blog will be hosted at www.wwimm, ain't it cool? Ok, that was a 'not related at all' link, funny, but not really useful as the content of the linked site isn't related with what I'm saying at all. Frenchy does that sort of stuff sometimes, the dustmen link made me think twice, as the other links in the sentence where 'real'. Whatever. Just one word to explain what I meant with my deck of cards last week. It's a trick I learned from a friend of mine, she loves to tell you what your future will be like using card trick, you ask a question, then the cards have the answer. Well, sort of, but I won't discuss about the questioning bias here. So, I'm quite reluctant to ask a specific question for it directs the answer you will have, you will never have answer to a question you don't ask, and I you ask when you'll be rich, well, you will necessary be rich don't you? So my technique is a bit different, I pick two cards, ace of spade and ace of heart, I put a certain concept in each, two different attitudes toward the problem I have, to different decisions, then I play with those two cards, not looking at which is which, finally I choose one, and decide of my behavior. Usually, ace of heart is a cool guy, more the 'why not' type, kind, helpful, poet, talkative, generous. The ace of spade is the mirror image. Well not really, but spade don't give anything for nothing, don't talk if not talked to, don't smile if not smiled to, don't write poems for strangers, loves acid jokes and novels of dark futures. Right now, I'm not heart. But my dark spade time is behind me.
I didn't talk about the bourget It was cool, I'll discuss that later.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

What's happening? Nothing. I don't feel bad. I don't feel good. I usual i would say. That is encouraging regarding to last weeks.
Saw a french movie yesterday. Le mystere de la chambre jaune. Quite a good movie. Funny and entertaining. Great actors. And then What? Nothing. Is it sad? No.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Hell. We've switched. I'm fading from ace of heart to ace of spade. Don't ask, I'll tell when I'm back to heart. Cards don't lie. Card's don't care.

RATP on strike, SNCF on strike, teachers on strike, dustmen on strike. This tuesday morning in Paris is quite exciting.
Looking at the sad faces of people, waiting for a train that might not come, walking in the dirty streets near the champs elysee give me the vision of the decline of a big city, of an entire civilisation where nothing is working correctly and where all the people are resigned.
It's like living in a city close to implosion, apocalypse. That's very exciting.
I'm feeling well. I like seeing misfortune around me. That's makes me feel better. This is one of my worse flaw. This is my worse flaw. But this little voice tells me "who cares?".

Yesterday, when sunbathing at 'champs de mars', I had a discussion with a girl about sun and rain, my point was: 'There is no such distinction as sun=good, rain=bad, a good big heavy storm washes out the sky and then the air is fresh and all, that's summer storms, and that's good, except if your are on a boat and you can't sea the shore anymore, your radio is fubar and a giant shark is trying to mess with your girlfriend, but that doesn't happen so often in real life. Of course, winter rain, this little nasty creature which can crawl under any protection you have and climb behind your back, getting trough your skin to freeze your bones, this rain ain't no good. If you've followed trough this, I can get to my point: the rain we have just now is a good one. The skies are darker than in the middle of the night, because the moon can't be seen, it's a bit like the earth surface as shown in matrix, man have spread dark smoke to blind the machines from the energy of the sun, and we are all fucked. But, and this is a big but, we have thunder. A flash, three seconds, the drums. Nothing, nothing on earth or in the universe, is that powerful. See the light, wait for the rhythm of the skies to fall upon you and shake your bones. This has the same effect as a good guitar solo, a very good one.
Well, I'm in a state of mind far better than this morning when I woke up, France is in the grip of strikes, again, I'm feeling less and less attached to this country. Whatever, I'm not bound to speak their language anymore. Just kidding, you know I can't write poems in English yet, and I can't live without writing poems. Well, I can, but it's cool to write, so I'll continue. Ok, I'd love to continue chatting, but I have no idea of an interesting subject to switch on, so let's finish for now.

Monday, June 09, 2003

I'm confused. I shouldn't. My look is direct, my speech is clear, my thoughts are not. They shouldn't. I should talk about this afternoon, sun under the 'tour Eiffel', wrote a poem for a girl, she loved it. What more can I ask from life? I don't know, but I'll have to figure it out. Right now I'm... confused. Whatever, I'll sort it out myself. Rob D, Clubbed to death. Go and listen to it, 'cause that's what I'm listening to just now, I'm gonna switch on the matrix2 soundtrack, that will change my mind. Not for the better I fear. I'm stuck in front of the screen, reloaded in my ears, my thoughts are running around in a large circle, getting smaller and smaller, narrowing to a little node of dark smoke, madly shimmering and glittering the doubts and regrets. Hell. Why?
Something is bothering me, in a way, (no link with the previous part, I've switched brains): Some days ago, I was writing knowing that nobody but frenchy could read what I was writing, that was a 'silent start'. Now this blog has gone public, everybody, that's to say anybody, can read it. I know frenchy and he knows me, I know he will think twice or more when reading me, he won't take anything granted, and will ask me if any doubt. But for every one else, what does the previous part (confused stuff, just up here) does mean to you? You can't know anything about it, three people have a clue, one each, maybe two of you can build something out of it, and I'll deny. Because the truth is something else, the truth lies elsewhere. Deep in my mind. Nobody can reach it but her. And I don't know her yet.
[...Listening to the music...]
Never underestimate the power of music. My thoughts are getting clearer. I hope you'll make the most of it.

Chica, I really was pleased to write that for you, a smile is the best gift an author can have, ever.

Hey. That's a mid-weekend post, I've been quite busy last week, and quite tired this weekend, so didn't post much. Back on the tracks: Friday night was the 'this is my first job guys, let's party' party of a good friend, restaurant, night club, as we discussed afterward, with a one-week salary, he could offer a good party to his friends, after several month looking for a job, what is one week? Certainly worth a good celebration. By the way, met again a good friend from school at the club, hadn't seen her for two years. Hell, I don't know nobody who dances alike. Really, dancing can be superficial and all, but she can dance all night, you'll die to try and follow... believe me I'm not someone to stop before being definitely exhausted, and she impress me each and every time. Ok, I'll stop here so nobody get jealous ; girl, you got my respect, from dancer to dancer. After that, got to bed when the sun was getting up, good night, short, woke up when everybody else did, gave some advice about drinking water before going to sleep, good against headache, you should know that. Then a little walk in paris, down the 'champs elysees' to 'invalides', then straight to the senate, 'jardins du Luxembourg', sunbathed, phoned friends, sent toughts accross the world, slept under the trees, got home at five. pm. Another friend was coming, go for a drink, back to bed early. Then it was today, planned to go for some roller, but the rain was here, too bad. So played GTA3 instead, then went to see the last match of 'rolland garos' championship at a friend's, she was for the spanish guy, Ferrero, so I had to be for the other one, to keep things even, her words, and I lost. haha. The day is now ending after a drink in a fancy bar near the Eiffel tower, (ok, not so near, but depends on the scale, all right?!, there's nothing world-famous near your bar man!), everybody was there, nearly, but frenchy was needed somewhere else. And now I'm going to bed, 'cause tomorrow might be a sunny day and I need my roller-time, addicted.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Ah, holidays...Short holidays actually. Four days. With my mum. Remains two.
Friday : tour in paris. With mum. Like tourists. But why shouldn't i visit my living town?
Went to the ile de la cité. Visited Sainte Chapelle then Conciergerie. Quite interesting.
Went to cinema. Saw mais qui a tué Pamela Rose, french movie that parodies american movies with
great accuracy. It's also rather funny. Saw a classic concert at Sainte chapelle. Good. I think i definitly love Vivaldi. Went to restaurant Clement. Went home on foot. Two in the morning.
Saturday : let's say that guide du routard sucks. They suggest a walk that they say it's unusual. Okay it was. Horrible streets and prostitutes everywhere. Fist time i saw prostitutes in the afternoon. Sunny and hot. Horrible. I can't stand heat. Went to library François Mitterand. Full. Went to library at Baubourg. Full. Walked then Went back home. Made Shopping. Saw Tune in Tomorrow with Peter Falk. Entertaining.
And now i wrote. i might go sleeping. We will see. Good night

Friday, June 06, 2003

First thing I come across this morning, on google news: Where is She? Is that our century? Well, sometimes I feel like a stranger to my world. Jump. It's interesting how you can switch from one topic to another, totally different, one click. Have you seen Fast n Furious (Whaou, rated 6/10 on imdb! Joking?! ) ? The second one will be... the same. For the French gamers out there, English (babelfish) version. Something is striking all of a sudden: It might be annoying for you to use the 'open in a new window' right click each time you want to follow a link... Supposing you care to read all I'm writing. Well, I might tweak the css to have a external 'a' tag... I'll think about that. Ok, time to go back to work, I'll close this session with the NYTimes affair. (account needed). Greetings Good Wolf.

I’ve beaten my record: 20 minutes for 6.5 Km, downtown, from home to work - RollerBlades, forgot to tell. Usually, I was around 30 minutes. Let me see, that’s near 20 Km/h, given I was lucky with traffic lights. Cool. I’m exhausted now. But I’m happy. Well, now that I’m nearly half an hour early, I’ll go and get a glimpse at the world wide news.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

All Right!
Smooth jazz coming out of the speakers, a fresh n nice beer aside the keyboard, my fingers flying over the keys, my thoughts are flowing. Paradise. I got a f*cking headache all day, gone away at the first mouthful - is that the right word ? – a Fish told me so. F*cking m$ word, keeps telling it doesn’t know shit about english spelling, well I don't care, quit busing around, you dumb piece of garbage! Yeah, the speaker tells me he is here to choose the best jazz around just for me. Cool dude. You got it, keep playing, this saxo IS good. I really like this voice radio and tv guys can take: 'John Smith, wherever, CNN', they should say stuff like: 'Stop running around in little circles, you brainwashed dummies, the end is coming', they got the voice for it, but the just tell what's goin'on on the other side of the planet. Well, I'll do the 'end of the world' part then. As soon as I'm on air.
Well, I'm not very constructive today, but I hope you could catch my trend, my happy, lazy, sunny, sleepy, trend. Before I left you to cook something to eat, just a thought for the girl who was passing exams today and will continue to do so tomorrow, well honey, you sure won't read that, but have fun, we're with you, somehow. This radio is definitely worse checking, I'll get the url for you... here it is: website, live low/high bandwidth . Check it out, babe, yeah. Well, pasta don't go into boiling water by themselves do they ?
PS:Uedit has a nice spellchecker, go and getit (use google).

Tuesday : tired but must work. Saw Basic from the director John McTierman. Very Cool. Story is not so much important. The most important was that the movie was fun.
Wesneday : Learnt from a french guy and his sister that german population is decreasing because german people are ugly. wanted to try the game rise of nations but finally chosed to go to see friends in a bar. Haven't see them for some days. Tried to establish what makes an ear ring pretty or not. Found an answer : the girl who wears the ear rings. Went to another bar named Thoumieux. Looked like the bar from last time : Ailleurs. Drank various shooters of vodka.Put a good friend up. He didn't want to roller with alcohol in his blood.
Slept and woke up.
Looked if rise of nations worked. No. Damn.
Now my thoughts goes to a girl who pass exams. Hope she will succeed.
Thanks to ryk and his friend for the card(s).
Auf Widersen. No, it's Wiedersen. Thanks google.

Here we are, template tweaked to be a bit lighter, I kept the fancy background because I like it. I good a little headache since this morning, I’d like to be home and sleeping, but I got a job to do. So that was just a quick Hello World, going right back to the real world.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Well, Okay.
This last weekend:
Came back in my home at Quiberon. Said goodbye to my sister who go to work.
Bad Weather. Very Disapointed. Rained all day long so went to the beach by night. Barbecue + Alcohol + Friends.
Felt Cool then Drunk.
Met a girl called Justine. Maybe i have seen her before. Coudn't help calling her Lydie during night.
Came back Home. Sun is rising. Fun.
Sunday : tired
Monday : tired but must work. Saw 28 days later. Very Cool. Sometimes a bit like the great Reign of fire with Zombies instead of dragons.
What else can i say? Nothing. What does "nothing" mean. Read that.

Monday, June 02, 2003

I just figured that my previous post was all messed up because the double quotes embedding my urls where somewhat not the good double quotes. Wrong character code, somehow. Corrected, I'll have to find where it comes from. Another day. Still have to recover after my weekend.

Yeah Right. It seems that Berliner keyboards are not exactly QWERTY either. I'm thinking of correcting my previous post to remove the Yen stuff and put real single quotes instead, but this is contrary to my blog ethics. Maybe I'm just a lazy bastard; who knows.
So, I'm back from Berlin. That was a helluva week end. I really like this word, Helluva. I think it's ranked around third, after Lullaby and Lorelei. Berlin then, if you are around Europe, don’t miss it, it’s really a city of its own, you can’t imagine how it feels to be in a city eight time as big as Paris, with huge avenues, parks, gardens and the sun shining over the whole city. We’ve spent our weekend between museum, walks in town and techno experience. Germany is told to be the original home of techno, maybe ex-aequo with the U.K., and Berlin sure is one of the biggest techno nodes. So we’ve been to the tresor, and dieses war wirklich gut. Thanks BabelFish. Did I ever mentioned that the idea of a babel fish came from Douglas adams? Now I have. I’m sorry, this is kind of not straight forward at all, but hell, that’s the way I’m thinking, and I don’t want you to miss a single idea. Remember the other day, I tried to organize my thoughts, result: I forgot what I was about to say. By the way, this remember thing reminds me of one of the best museums I’ve ever seen: the wall museum in Berlin. (Note: I also want to tell you about Matisse, I’ll do that later) This museum is about the wall in Berlin, about the different means people have found to get thought it, over it, under it, around it, to get to the other side. Stories, artworks, wall paintings, everything. It’s really hard to describe what you feel in such a place, you already know the story, but when you read what people did, what they remember of these times, when you start to understand what it was really like, you can’t help but feel your heart shrink, and if you are a bit tired, you’ll start crying. The link with was I was saying before is a single sentence I thought about when in the museum: “remember tomorrow”. Won’t explain.
That is a long post, so I’ll conclude: Go to Berlin, go to the Checkpoint Charlie museum (Tegel Ariport, bus128, Ubahn6, KochStr.) About Matisse, see that.
I’ve linked a lot of ideas to net-nodes, thanks to people who maintain this content. For any remark, contact.