Monday, June 09, 2003

Hey. That's a mid-weekend post, I've been quite busy last week, and quite tired this weekend, so didn't post much. Back on the tracks: Friday night was the 'this is my first job guys, let's party' party of a good friend, restaurant, night club, as we discussed afterward, with a one-week salary, he could offer a good party to his friends, after several month looking for a job, what is one week? Certainly worth a good celebration. By the way, met again a good friend from school at the club, hadn't seen her for two years. Hell, I don't know nobody who dances alike. Really, dancing can be superficial and all, but she can dance all night, you'll die to try and follow... believe me I'm not someone to stop before being definitely exhausted, and she impress me each and every time. Ok, I'll stop here so nobody get jealous ; girl, you got my respect, from dancer to dancer. After that, got to bed when the sun was getting up, good night, short, woke up when everybody else did, gave some advice about drinking water before going to sleep, good against headache, you should know that. Then a little walk in paris, down the 'champs elysees' to 'invalides', then straight to the senate, 'jardins du Luxembourg', sunbathed, phoned friends, sent toughts accross the world, slept under the trees, got home at five. pm. Another friend was coming, go for a drink, back to bed early. Then it was today, planned to go for some roller, but the rain was here, too bad. So played GTA3 instead, then went to see the last match of 'rolland garos' championship at a friend's, she was for the spanish guy, Ferrero, so I had to be for the other one, to keep things even, her words, and I lost. haha. The day is now ending after a drink in a fancy bar near the Eiffel tower, (ok, not so near, but depends on the scale, all right?!, there's nothing world-famous near your bar man!), everybody was there, nearly, but frenchy was needed somewhere else. And now I'm going to bed, 'cause tomorrow might be a sunny day and I need my roller-time, addicted.

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