Saturday, June 07, 2003

Ah, holidays...Short holidays actually. Four days. With my mum. Remains two.
Friday : tour in paris. With mum. Like tourists. But why shouldn't i visit my living town?
Went to the ile de la cité. Visited Sainte Chapelle then Conciergerie. Quite interesting.
Went to cinema. Saw mais qui a tué Pamela Rose, french movie that parodies american movies with
great accuracy. It's also rather funny. Saw a classic concert at Sainte chapelle. Good. I think i definitly love Vivaldi. Went to restaurant Clement. Went home on foot. Two in the morning.
Saturday : let's say that guide du routard sucks. They suggest a walk that they say it's unusual. Okay it was. Horrible streets and prostitutes everywhere. Fist time i saw prostitutes in the afternoon. Sunny and hot. Horrible. I can't stand heat. Went to library François Mitterand. Full. Went to library at Baubourg. Full. Walked then Went back home. Made Shopping. Saw Tune in Tomorrow with Peter Falk. Entertaining.
And now i wrote. i might go sleeping. We will see. Good night

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