Friday, June 06, 2003

First thing I come across this morning, on google news: Where is She? Is that our century? Well, sometimes I feel like a stranger to my world. Jump. It's interesting how you can switch from one topic to another, totally different, one click. Have you seen Fast n Furious (Whaou, rated 6/10 on imdb! Joking?! ) ? The second one will be... the same. For the French gamers out there, English (babelfish) version. Something is striking all of a sudden: It might be annoying for you to use the 'open in a new window' right click each time you want to follow a link... Supposing you care to read all I'm writing. Well, I might tweak the css to have a external 'a' tag... I'll think about that. Ok, time to go back to work, I'll close this session with the NYTimes affair. (account needed). Greetings Good Wolf.

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