Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Google Menus - Config

I just finished the new version of my 'My Google Menus' greasemonkey script.
- Clock
- Change links color
- Config page

The script is here.

The config page is here, and can always be accessed via Tools/User Script Commands/Google Menus Config.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google module: yadelicious

I'm pleased to publish my second google module:

Yet another enhanced module.
This module is inlined so it can access it's own user preferences, to enable quick tag selection.
Initially based on Kim Schulz's and Alex Young's.

mirror on

To enable inling you must have the developper module installed:
Click "add Content", and then type "developer.xml" in the "Create Section" box.
This module will list all the modules you have, with "Inlined" and "Cached" checks.
You can check both for "yadelicious.xml".

Notes for later use

I just noticed that you must grant access to the internet to LSA shell. I noticed that because my java update could notice the new versions but could not get them.
Also, Generic Host Process for Win32 Services doesn't need access.