Monday, June 30, 2003

For the first time since ten years, I didn't save my post in a temp file when writing it, for that was a small post and I though my pc wouldn't crash just now. It did. Thanks Murphy.
Well, I was saying, apart from asking Frenchy why he said english is a stupid language, that I spend my weekend ay my uncle's wedding, that I needed five whole minutes to find this word (save file), I got a lot of job nowaday, no time to think about anything out of work right now, you can get that as an excuse for me not posting. Today I learnt stuff about HepB virus mutations, advanced medical research that is, cool. My job rocks. Ok, that was for the what's new part. Now lets go through the thinking part. I was halfway when the crash, so I'll try to get things from the begining as much as I can. Yeah, I was saying that I got the impression that I'm not seeing my friends as soon as I did some time ago, lets say some months to get things numbered. Can I say that? whatever, that's wrong, because I saw most of them three days ago, just before the wedding, but that's my feeling, feelings are not based on facts, that's why we have a brain AND a heart, you must use both to get along. Right now, my heart is getting blue, which means no good, my brain is thinking 'what the hell?' and my fingers are following and typing. Ok, I got no answer tonight, some will read that and think... I don't know what you'll think, that reminds me something I said in my previous post, I almost forgot here, we didn't talk too much last week, noise and so on, party was not meant to talk, maybe that is what downs me. I'm just observing that I don't know what you think. I can't figure. Well, most of the time I can, obviously we're in the same world and the same reality applies, to everybody, so all I have to do is think 'if I were him, what would I think about that' and, most of the time, it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Last weeks I failed, each and every time. Maybe I need holidays. Maybe I need to sleep. Well, that is something like a 'welcome in my mind' post, but you were warned, it's in the bloody title.

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