Friday, May 30, 2003

Greeting from Berlin. Hot n sunny, bit like firenze one month ago. I apologize for misselling and other typing errors, but german keyboards are not french-friendly.
So, I¢¥m here in Berlin since yesterday morning, benn to a Matisse exhibit, last part of his york, colour paper pastes, "collages" as the french say. This really is what I prefer in matisse¢¥s work. "The knife thrower" is... beautifull, I¢¥ll give you a link to a reprod next time. Then opera, la Traviatta, verdi, great. I mean, I¢¥m not a connaisseur of operas and classic music, I like it, sure, but I can¢¥t tell much more than "whaou, this was good... What was the story about again?". Night walk around Berlin at night, a beer in a little cafe, and good night. This morning was cool, a walk around Berlin Zoo, the tiergarten, english breakfast around noon, with a beer again, sun all around the sky, hot as hell, that¢¥s what weekends should be. That¢¥s what they are. Good, let¢¥s enjoy. See ya world.

Hi there. This first sentence is quite better than 'Okay' or 'Well'.
Wednesday. I worked and then see a german movie called das experiment. Well-made movie. Good Acting.
Not that violent but sometimes very tough (is it the right word? - i don't have a dictionnary).
Thurday : non-working day. Linked to a religion stuff i don't remenbered at this time.Sunny. Hot. i forecasted to spend my day alone but finally i didn't. A friend from Normandie called me just before i move to a theatre. he was in Paris. Ate with him and three other friends at le comptoir du 7eme. Spent two hours with them on the lawn at champs de Mars near Eiffel Tower.
We went in my home and saw the beginning of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Didn't choose it. Wanted to see Monster Inc.. Those who chose the movie stop watching it twenty minutes later. Drank a last coke at bar le pierrot and said goodbye.
I did anything good in the evening.
I used to liked those kind of days. I missed the time where i didn't care losing my time in day like this. Now i care. That's frustrating.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

No you're not. Whatever. I'm a bit tired today, thanks to yesterday night (and this morning) for this was cool.
As it was exactly the same scenario as last weekend, I won’t bother you going through the whole night, I’ll stick to two events.
First, a green-eyed girl, pretty, really beautiful eyes, those you can fall into dreams just by remembering a glimpse, seen her three times, three different places, when I was wandering around StGermain, early, as usual. Wrote a poem to her souvenir, in French, sorry. Won’t put it here.
Second, …, what was the second point? Damn. I had it five minutes ago. Always write what you’re thinking before it gets lost. Well, can’t be that difficult to remember… I’m stuck in the loop, can’t find when I don’t know what I’m looking for. Been stuck for five whole minutes here. Forget it.

Okay, let's post with this new fresh template.
First a question. Most of the last news begin with 'Okay'. Why? Answer may be : Why not after all?
Reminded me a joke in Peanuts (sorry : personnal translation). Charlie Brown says :"Sometimes, when i'm sleeping, i wake up and asked "Why?" then i hear a voice saying "Why what?" ".
Tuesday. Worked. Wanted to see in the evening "das experiment" at the theatre.
Finally chose to go out and see friends. Came late at the rendezvous (as the french say). Drank and ate with a friend looking at a girl who was waiting for a long time for someone we will never see.Feeled Good. Remarked that we were eating at the same bar where there were other friends we haven't seen. Finally Walked to an other bar with five friends. Bar Chez Georges. Drank Wine with them. Talked. Smiled. Laughed. Looked people in the eyes Danced two minutes then sat. Reversed things from my bag to the floor. Left before feeling bad. Went Home. Wine stain in my trousers. Damn. Slept. Woke up too early.
Feel sick. Alcohol? Mind? Both?
That's all.
Am I really clear?

Okay, it seems I chose the wrong time to do my changes, blogger was working on the ftp stuff, I didn't bother to see exactly what they were doing and if it would interfere, I should have. However, it's a pretty neet stuff they've built here, so changing the template and tweeking it back to what I wanted was quick and easy. Here we are, back again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Well well well, maybe there is some lag on the template-change, or maybe I'm in a parallel dimension in which templates dont change, whatever, I've changed the template and nothing has changed. I've done to much stats today, I can't think anymore. I'll fix that tomorrow. Gonna have a coffee.

Okay, i would choose among these four templates: fresh colour, simple serif, Techniqz and ... cozy! Until we designed ours?
Time to go to work. Too.

Okay, seems we have a problem with the template used for this blog. However, I was a bit annoyed by the loading time, so we'll change this template to something simpler, without images, goodbye the little roundy corners, to speed up the net. Frenchy, when you're reading this, go and have a look at the templates, tell me which would suit you best, so we change asap. Time to go to work.

I'm home and well, and I'll tell you everything you need to know tomorrow morning, 'cause right now I need to drink alot of water and go to sleep. Good night world.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Sunday. Woke up with very bad feelings. Two horrible hours. Then i felt better. Free. Didn't find how it happened. Didn't want to do anything but wasn't desesperate. Looked at my computer for a long time. Played stupid games on the net. A call helped me to get out of my lethargy. Drank at the Indiana ,Odeon Paris, with two friends and feeled incredibly well. Not the moment to leave so i saw Matrix Reloaded for the second time. Great moment. Thanks. Slept not much but well. My ring woke me. Happened only one a month. On average.
Today. Monday. Worked quite well. Feel good but tonight all fell. Maybe a reason. That's a pity. Only one thing to do : press and watch a movie. The movie was "last of the mohicans". Good movie. Pressed and watched the movie. Alone. Being alone is really not the best way. But it's secured. Good night.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Well, that's was a resting night. Now that I got all my brain to myself, and the little anoying voice is gone during the night, I can describe a bit more yesterday.
Woke up at the very begining of the afternoon, as usual on saturday or sunday, went to the haircutter (which I prefer to any fancy hairdresser my *ss), then to have a beer with a friend whom I see about once a week as he isn't in the same city anymore. He's gone country-side, buying and selling stuff growing from the dark brown basic dusty dirty mother earth. So, had a few drinks, discussed about our jobs, friends, girls (or not), future weekends, the universe, life and everything. To quote DNA. Whom you should read, if you don't want to die unaware of the real role of mices in our life. Then we did schedule the evening. That was a piece of work. I think beeing head of a whole computer departement is just a hobbie compared to organizing a night out with people who are all around the city, doing whatever they please and eager do keep on that line of behaviour to the last second, letting you shake the skies to bring down the better of what Paris can offer on a saturday night. Well I'm emphazing things a bit here. Just a little bit. In fact I just phoned everybody in a cyclic pattern to try to make everbody come in the same place at the same time. It didn't work as planned, but whatever. It's always like that.
Back in the tracks: back home for dinner, wander around the internet to keep in touch with the present and the near future, shower, let's go. Just in time for our rendez-vous, that means I was waiting in the shower of a raining night for five long minutes before the sunshine came. With an umbrella and a great smile. Direct to the bar-fly (which hasn't any website right now, sorry.) I'll have a martini, white, ice, and a kir, wine, no ice, for the demoiselle. Thanks.
Discuss a bit about a friend of ours who is getting a bit sad since a few days, hope he will sort it out. Salud. Another girl, another martini, two kirs. That's a lot of kirs tonight, I'm quite demanded. That's was a private joke. And I didn't make it first, so complain the the girl (the second one, with the fancy glittering earrings). Okay, let's shift gears, we wont spend all day telling the night. The last one came, the four of us left from the bar, next stop is 'chez regine' well, didn't get in, too 'sporty'. Take it good. Reminds a walking night in Firenze some time ago, wandering from bar to nightclub, not finding the right one. Oh, I missed a step, we did meet some other friends just before getting to "regine's". What a name.
That's was nearly the end of the party, the little voice was getting loud, kiss the girls goodbye, I wish I could stay but I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow. That's to say to day. Gotta make a phone call. Have a nice day world.
Rain has stoped. Maybe well go for a walk altogether, can be cool don't you think?

Pfiou, I'm exhausted. I thought I could handle one more long night out, I was wrong. Do you know this nasty feeling, this small voice in the back of your head that says: "you can try budy, but you will fall asleep in the middle of the dancefloor, you'de better go to sleep". Well, I listened to the voice, which is always right, and I gonna have a nice long sleepy night. As the girls are often more brave than men, I must apologize (it's getting quite apolo' night here) to my friends, whom I rarely deceive, but then it's even harder when it happens. I figure I'm being quite positive about myself here. Well, that's all me. So have a good night, my dreams will be with you, you'll dance happier and I'll sleep better. Good, let's do taht. Good night world.
Frenchy, don't be confused. Mind the steps... Handle with care... Always see the bright side of life... Life is life. Ok, ok, I'd better go to bed.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

One strange day. With a girl. Visit "La cite de la villette" in Paris. Sometimes interesting, sometimes entertaining. Haven't seen everything. Want to go to the gardens. Bad weather. So we left.
The hours that followed reminded me a day in last october but what did i hoped? She didn't change her mind.
I want to apologize to a friend for my rudeness tonight. I was too confused to do anything.

It' raining now. Not a surprise.
Yesterday, I went out to see friends and we visited two bars. One was upper-crust (nice word) but we didn't stay a long time. Second bar was cool with a large choice of vodka and things in it. I drank a little, tried not to talk too much. Difficult but necessary. I left. Fortunately, i got the last underground train.
I was tired and then nearly upset. I know why. I thought about it before i go to bed and when i woke up. That kind of thinkings that doesn't help to sleep.
God i'm still upset. Stop.

Friday, May 23, 2003

The printer works. The coffee machine is out. I'm hungry. The sun is shining. Whats'up out there ? Let's see what the net is humming today...

Hello World. Week end is near, good party yesterday, another not-planned-evening, cool. In fact what was cool was not really the party (which I will describe later) but the after, and this morning (which I will also describe later, but let's keep the timing right).
So, we went to the seven2one, well known Parisian club, kind of special, very targeted audience, cool if you go with the right people, terribly boring otherwise. Fortunately, I was accompanied by the perfect people, so it went perfectly. I’ll describe a bit for who don’t know the club: The targeted population is young workers, 20-30, single, good job, (rich/handsome/single). They did quite a good job for they nearly managed to reach this target, buat, as always, the beginning of the evening is [rich/handsome/single/bothsex], and the more the party goes, the more it is [notsorich/nosohandsome/stillsingle/men]. So it was real good in the first two hours or so, after that it got as hot as hell, so we left. To a friend’s were we spent the night, woke up this morning, early (well, earlier than I’m used to), and got to work, walking in Paris, in a famous street which I didn’t know it was famous and I can’t recall the name. It’s near ‘Ecole Militaire’. Oh, you can find the seven2on on google for more info.
This morning is rich in mail and I gotta test a printer which is coming back from the customer service for the third time or so. Great. Well, coffee time.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

The first rule of the day is Don't Think.
Well I'm ok with that.
Okay, I just have a few minutes to burn before going to an early party, so here is my day: been working, testing the stuff I exposed yesterday or the day before. As expected, it's working, and, as expected, some minor bugfixes were done, now I got a pretty neet stuff, I'll plugin some nice bubblehelps for the frontenduserswhodontknowhowthedamnstuffworks and let's rock. Ok, Paris is a great city but I need half an hour to go to were I'm going, so lets go, I don't want to be late. I'm never late. You can quote that, I also never lie. Oups. Have a good night, world.

That's what i thought. My post didn't work yesterday due to an ODBC error. That's a shame because there were some positives thoughts. Anyway, now i'am at work. There was a fire alarm. Just a test. It was distracting. Yesterday i saw "Dogville" from Lars Von Trier with Nicole Kidman. It was fantastic even if i was shocked when people in the theatre laughed at looking a baby shooted in the head by a gun. I thought yesterday that it was quite pityful. Now i think that i found explanation but it's hard to describe it with my poor knowledge of english.
Today is a day like the others. Not feeling bad. Not feeling good. Not hoping anything. Only one rule : don't think.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Damn. I'm not happy.Not actually sad, but mad at... I don't know. In fact I think this afternoon is getting too long, I wanna go home, watch 24s2, have a beer, whatever. The sky is dirty gray, my pc is slowly dying of unknown diseases, I got to test a soft I've been writing for a week and I know it's working well, but gotta check anyway. It's wednesday night and I miss the weekend. I can't wait. After all, I think I'm sorta addicted to those two days a week when you don't have to do anything, just spend the money you've earn during the previous 5s, (or you'll earn during the next 5s depending on your acouting technics, and your current funds). Well I gotta go, I gonna eat a brownie, and I can't be waited any more. True.

Yeah, positive phone calls are good for your health. This morning I’m told I don’t look wasted any more, that means I can start my next week end as soon as I want. That means tomorrow night I think, a waitress in a wine bare gave away some flyers for a rhum party tomorrow. Free punch. Groovy. What else? French officials are fighting against the P2P and Matrix-Reloaded is on the net well, things are not always the way you’d like. Whatever, the good guys will win.
I’ve read a discussion of the UKparliament about spam, learned that this word comes from the Monty Python and not from corned beef. I didn’t know parliament discussions could be that fun. The English Culture Is Great.
Oh, super puzzle fighter for gba is available in France, I gonna get it as soon as I remember to do it when I can do it. Note that it rarely happens. Spf is a tetris / street fighter mixture, with a lot more tactics than any of those. Addictive. It’s a capcom game, if you want to search for it. Well, gotta go and read the net, I’ll get back to you when I find something cool.
Oups, I forgot, I gotta give this link out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I didn't see matrix sunday but i saw spiderman on DVD. Great movie. i slept at 1:00 AM and woke up several times from 6 to 8. feeled tired at the end of monday after an intensive work. I read emaisl and news from people who are positives. I am not. I have done anything this evening.
Today is worse. Unproductive. Feel sad. But it's my mother's birthday. Let's do a positive phone call and buy gifts.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Just a word for a friend. She has an interview today, internship monitoring, stuff like that. Easy to handle, but you got to do it however. We spent a busy weekend, night out, day out, now the monday is a bit difficult. So she wakes up late, takes the bus under a raining storm, fights her way trough the falling skies, finally gets to work and sends an e-mail to thanks everybody for this weekend. Life is good today, even if it's still raining. Thanks girl.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Matrix I was on tv tonight. Didn't really watch it, was playing gta-vicecity, cool game, as good as the previous one. Hearing Neo and Trinity chating behind my back, taking pills, geting stuned by viruses with sunglasses. By the way, I've had a go with EnterTheMatrix, the game which was launched to surf on the movie's wave, well, it's no good. Play max payne if you want to know what 'bullet time' is, or play gta if you want to have good music, but for matrix, go and see the movies, don't expect anything from the game. Whatever. Frenchy, you're tech for names alias is quite allright, except I'm not sure I'll always be able do find out who's'who... Oh maybe this A girl was really an A girl, then she might be... All right, I gonna stop guessing, for everybody out there, you'd better start learning the letters, cause I't gonna be tricky remembering which is who.
By the way, I won't use letter, I think I'll just be evasive when knowing who the exact person is is of no importance, or describe him/her when it can be usefull. That's it for my writing rules, I gonna get some sleep now, tomorrow will be rain again, so says, so I'd better be in a good mood, or the day will get really awfull. See y'a in the morning frenchy.

Yesterday. Saturday. Woke up early as planned. I saw "the matrix : reloaded". Brilliant. The most exciting thing is to remember all the scenes after the show that makes you want to see it again. Saw "Fanfan la tulipe". Great time too. My best "two movies in a row" since Signs/Bowling for columbine. Post here and see friends as planned. Drank beer then wine. Drunk. Go to a party. Only strangers. Danced alone waiting that Martini did its effects. No effect. Should try real alcohol. Left with ryk before i feel really sad.
Today. Sunday. Woke up at eleven. Phoned to the girl A. for an big hour. Went to eat foie gras at M.'s place with the boy A. and F. and watched star wars 2. Walked through the rain with F. Too much rain. We waited together that it calmed down. I feel that rain is quite more romantic than any sun. I went home. Wet. Wrote. Understood the title of this blog. Cool.

It worked. Good, I feel like I could write a book about rain and friends, how the one drawns you when the others try to make you feel like the sun is shining outside. Maybe I'll write this book. For now I'll just come back on what I was saying before, about the Animatrix. As you might know, it is a serie of short films, animation of different types, from full3D to pencil drawing, sharing the universe of matrix. Some are good, some are very good. Have a look.

Raining today. Slow day, wake up to late, not enough sleep however. Yesterday was fine, friends, unexpected party, unknown friends of friends, good feeling. It's amazing the exted to which you can be affected by the weather. I want nothin but sleep just now, maybe watch a movie. Maybe it's because I watched a movie. The animatrix. Dreamy stuff, good, mixes you up or down, depend on the weather. I suppose. Well, rain, lack of sleep and loneliness is never good, even during a single day.
Gotta logout, phone a friend, laugh a bit, catch a glimpse on the good side of life. After all, it's so easy to be happy, the hard part is you forget how to do as soon as you're sad.
Frenchy, do you want to go on and release?

Saturday, May 17, 2003

i have an appointment. i will try to be brief. Only the facts and the feelings. Let's try something. i went to the same party. Was it really a party? He was here. Just on time. i was in the flat of a friend. i washed his plates. bought food. started preparing the dinner but stopped. saw other friend. was tired. Not the first time. Hard to have fun. something is missing. something disapeared. i didn't drink. i listened. ate. talked. A little. took photos. stomach hurts me. i went to the small balcony and talked to a friend that i don't see as often as i want. discussions about life and politics. he said that i have all the cards. i looked at my friends behind the windows. i feel curious. i feel tired. they want to go dancing. i don't. i left. i wanted to see matrix2 nearly in the morning tomorrow. i slept. appeased.
I have to go. I'm late. but every one will be.

Friday, May 16, 2003

I've just received a postcard from a friend. I think it's the best postcard ever. He sent it to me from firenze during a trip we made some weeks ago. I've got sushine in my mind. I'm going to party now. See y'a.

Hi frenchy.
Well, my philosophy is: tell what you want, stories, news, whatever. I’ve got several points to discuss today, let’s go first the first one.
As you might notice with time, I like to browse the net, for you can find interesting stuff, mostly free and of good quality, the spirit of the first-age-internet is still living in the net. That’s why you will frequently find links in my discussion, links to websites I found worth looking at for a minute, once or each day. The array of links on the left can be considered as my personal bookmarks, you can add some if you want (I’m speeking to frenchy here). So today web site is, which I didn’t know because I’m not hacker-born, and which I might add on the left pack if I continue to browse it. By the way, I’ll add a comment to precise in which language is the site (when not English).
End of first point.
Second point is of more personal concern. Yesterday was a good evening, not really planned, just everybody agreeing to meet at a friend’s anytime, have some drinks, have a look at birthday party photos, idle chat about what life is and what life should be. Well we didn’t discuss that last point, but I’ll keep it in mind for next time. One last word for you, girl, wasn’t you not to come, you know we missed you, see you tonight.

It still works. So what is the philosophy of this blog ryk?

It works.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hello everybody, welcome in that brand new sunny day! I’m quite early today, thanks to strikers who are continuing f*cking messing around for a third day. Whatever, I’ve got my roller blades. Anyway, that’s not the main topic of this post, ‘cause the main topic of this post is… something else. A good news as I feel it. Let’s expose: I mentioned yesterday a friend of mine, writer from time to time, specialized in something like a weekly-monthly personal newsletter called the otbm. He’s style is fresh and fun, but by now his production rate is more monthly than weekly, when we’re lucky. So, he told me once about the web site on which I first heard of what a blog was, he is the only guy I know who is doing something more or less like a blog, and he is a friend of mine who likes to explain what his life is like, then why not invite him on this blog, to write his side of the life when I’m wildly chatting about anything else? Well, no reason at all, so let’s me introduce my friend…

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ok, I've tuned a bit this shiny template, here is what you can find now: on the left, good web sites, I'll add some. This is a sticky stuff, so 'good once' web sites won’t be there. On the right, friend's web sites, I'll add some. This is as sticky stuff too. As I don’t pick my friends out of web designer’s pool, browse for content and party pictures, not for gleaming html code.
This page is a way to speak (write) aloud, so let’s start.
First of all, the title, label, stuff written at the top of the page, well, I had to choose something… As you may have understood by now, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s build from the description of the page. This description doesn’t mean anything either, except for some people, who will understand where it comes from but won’t bother anyway. All you gotta know is that it comes from a good friend, who started writing after I did, mastered his style before me being able to tell what a style was, and gave me the will to continue in my own way (whatever it is). Thanks mate.
So, where was I. Yeah, my introduction. I should explain a point before going further: this page is in English, even if it’s not my mother tongue, I wanted to try writing in English, can’t be bad for me, can be for you, let me know if it’s getting unreadable.
Okay, those two points where the stuff I wanted to discuss today, so it’s over for now, go back to work, have a look at teoti if you don’t know what it is, see you later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Let me introduce myself: my name is of no importance to whom who do not know me, this is a toy-project, let's see how it will survive to the wild condition out there in the real cyber-life.