Friday, April 03, 2009

Gmail as ubuntu preferred application

Hi guys,

I've just started playing with gnome-do.
The google-contacts plugin seems convenient, but it doesn't play well with my settings of ubuntu preferred application - configured for gmail.

I was using a solution found on Xantus blog :
perl -MURI::Escape -e '$to = shift;$to =~ s/^mailto://i;exec("firefox", "".URI::Escape::uri_escape($to) );' '%s'

but google-contacts was sending ///e@mail instead of mailto:e@mail, so I just added a second sed step :

perl -MURI::Escape -e '$to = shift;$to =~ s/^mailto://i;$to =~ s/^\/\/\///i;exec("firefox", "".URI::Escape::uri_escape($to) );' '%s'

Here is a test link.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Et le feuilleton MM&RR est aussi disponible, toujours sur !


Mes nouvelles sont à nouveau en ligne sur !

Sunday, March 30, 2008

TOTP 1.2

Just updated TOTP to v1.2 !
what's new :

  • can't have two words starting with the same letter
  • toggle sound via menu screen
  • change dictionnary via menu screen
  • high score screen
  • enter name for high score
Download it here !

You'll need to have python and pygame, here are the windows links: python and pygame (it's quick and easy)
Python and pygame are also available for mac and of course linux, just check the download pages.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

wiimote on linux: wminput

While I'm here, some advertising for a couple of plugins I wrote for wminput, the wiimote driver for linux.

wminput enables to connect a wiimote to your linux pc, and map wiimote actions to mouse and keyboard events.
I wrote plugins to play FPS games with the wiimote... more fun that accurate :)

Here is the source code, and how to get started.

Typing of the python

I recently played with Python, here is my second game : Typing of the python.
The first game is a snowfight game designed for two players with wiimotes, but the graphics are too bad for publishing yet.

This one is similar to Sega's Typing of The Dead, with no graphics, just type as fast as you can.
I wrote it on linux but it should work on windows.
The zip file includes the python code (, the sounds, a french and an english word list. The game will use the french word list, but you can edit the code (line 8) to switch to the english one.
I wrote this this afternoon, so far my score is 31470.

You'll need to download python if you don't have it already.

Still alive

Hello world,
I'm still around, busy.
I hadn't updated this blog since google revamped blogger, so I spent a few minutes updating the template ... I won't have the patience to change it as thoroughly as I did with the previous one.

This was my welcome back post, now to the proper subject...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Netvibes modules

Hey world,

I recently switched from google/ig to Netvibes. This is a great AJAX desktop, far ahead of the others in my opinion.
And as I like to make a desktop my own, I wrote three modules for netvibes:

Daily comics module, inspired from the comics google module by Grimmthething. Presents a list of comics, hover on one and the daily strip appears:

BG image, a port/extract of my Personalized Home module. Displays a stretched image as netvibe's background. Also makes the modules background transparent:

Quick search, a small search box, with only the query box and a set of icons linking to the search engines. Enter a term, click the icon you choose, and the results opens in a new window.

Have a look at netvibes wiki page for more info and other modules.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fx Lucky Search

Just published a small mod of an existing firefox search plugin : Google lucky search, with an L icon instead of google's G icon.
Click here to install.
Here is the original plugin by Alan Bramley.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Google Menus - Config

I just finished the new version of my 'My Google Menus' greasemonkey script.
- Clock
- Change links color
- Config page

The script is here.

The config page is here, and can always be accessed via Tools/User Script Commands/Google Menus Config.