Thursday, June 05, 2003

Tuesday : tired but must work. Saw Basic from the director John McTierman. Very Cool. Story is not so much important. The most important was that the movie was fun.
Wesneday : Learnt from a french guy and his sister that german population is decreasing because german people are ugly. wanted to try the game rise of nations but finally chosed to go to see friends in a bar. Haven't see them for some days. Tried to establish what makes an ear ring pretty or not. Found an answer : the girl who wears the ear rings. Went to another bar named Thoumieux. Looked like the bar from last time : Ailleurs. Drank various shooters of vodka.Put a good friend up. He didn't want to roller with alcohol in his blood.
Slept and woke up.
Looked if rise of nations worked. No. Damn.
Now my thoughts goes to a girl who pass exams. Hope she will succeed.
Thanks to ryk and his friend for the card(s).
Auf Widersen. No, it's Wiedersen. Thanks google.

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