Sunday, June 22, 2003

Good week-end. I was at a friend's, in the country, one hour north from Paris, near a town called Beauvais, you might have heard of it, it is the third airport for Paris, the one with the cheap flights. Anyway, the weather was nice, the swimming pool a bit cold for my Mediterranean toes, but who cares, the food was great. That's one cool thing about France, even if strikes can freeze the whole country for two weeks, we still have foie gras. Do you now what are Tournedos Rossini? Check it out, order what you need in the nearest French Food WebSite, and go taste heaven.
By the way, I've noticed I haven't completed my post about Le Bourget, sorry. It's just too late now, all I can say is: we saw planes, we ate canap├ęs in the Rolls-Royce house, an Airbus A320 can (nearly) perform a looping, that was fun. So, after 48 hours thinking about nothing but what would be the next bottle of wine, or whether the sauna was hot enough or not, or were is the sun lotion, I'm exhausted. And I gonna sleep. Well.
nb: this post was Google powered, one result was strange. Guess.

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