Friday, June 25, 2004

Mail test

Testing again...

Well, blogger has changed a bit since my last visit. This email posting is quite fun, and really usefull.

I spent the afternoon rewriting the template, no visual changes, just cleaner code.

And now I gotta go and watch the rugby match.

Cya world, I'll try not to wait one month before next post.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Hey world, quickly:

I was reading Wired, on my palm (yeah, old one) this morning and I read:
... a wide range of casino games, including card and dice games, Russian roulette and multiplayer interactive games such as ice hockey...
Russian roulette ? And you phone goes Bang!
Well, it has been corrected.
... a wide range of casino games, including card and dice games, roulette and multiplayer interactive games such as ice hockey...
See ya world.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Seems that the blogger's invitation to gmail was quite strict, nor new nor non active bloggers were invited. Well, just wait for gmail to go public.
I'll go out and see the sun now.
See ya world.

Saturday, April 24, 2004


Saturday morning, was sunny earlier, now some clouds are surrounding paris. I'll wait a bit before going outside.
Launching blogger, gmail is advertized, I got a gmail account now. Let's have a look !
(listening to that - shoutcast stream)
First of all, seems that the beta is opened to selected guests. Blogger user's are among those.
The gui is fine, clean, well, this is google style after all, nothing new.
As everybody now knows, gmail main feature (or at least difference), is the 1go storing space: you can't delete emails.
This is gonna be weird.
I wonder: what about the business email fine prints 'If you were not the supposed to receive this email, please destroy it and notify the sender' ?
Well, I've registered to my favorite mailing list with this new email, we'll see how it goes using it.

PS: I just noticed that the link to my resume was pointer to void. updated.

Well, played a bit, jsut want to tell you about the 'labels'. You can create labels, which are just sticky words you'll then classify your mails with. The interesting thing is: it's not tree-like as directory are, you can mark a message with several labels (don't know if there is any limit), and the search, filter messages on labels. Seems cool.

[Time passes]

Looking at some photos : - Some jscripting here

BTW, I mentionned once a winamp fire.avs of mine.

Monday, April 19, 2004


And the answer is Yes !

Several quick things today:
First Chapter: When WebSites Don't Inform Did They Ever ?
Godsend will be on the screen in April, it already has it's official websites.
Godsend - Official Trailer Site
Godsend Institute
The wired article
Godsend - Imdb

Second chapter: Well, This Is Useful
NSIS, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, took me around ten minutes to pack my first installer/uninstaller. Easy to use, scalable, quick, clean, good. And free of course.

Last but not least, I updated my resume.
It's password (sesame) protected.

And it's really springtime now, rain and sun and rain again, best season for rainbow. (thx babelfish again, I would have remembered though - tomorrow)

Ho, this 'tomorrow' leads me to The day after tomorrow, which itself reminds me of a lot of fuss about this new report on global warming (in french).
I've done some sort of weather-related stuff at uni, what I learned is Gosh, it's f*cking complex, how can I work anything around this problem ? The physics are not really understood, the necessary computation power is huge, and the models just work on very restricted problems. This was 20 month ago.
My point is:
The atmospheric problem is : There is more and more stuff up there, in one hand it's blocking sun rays, but in the other it's keeping the energy inside the atmosphere.
The global problem is : Whatever happens with sun and energy and temperatures, the first modifications will take place in the ocean, which is wide, and unknown, try to find the temperature anywhere in mid-pacific, in the middle of the ocean far from any island.

Btw, a good book (scifi) on tomorrow's problems : Mother of Storms (John Barnes)

Well, I guess that's all for today.
Cya world.

Ps: Almost forgot to link .kkrieger, the 96kb game. Well, it's awfully slow on my 1.8Ghz-almost-state-of-the-art-gaming-platform, on which ut2004 is running smooth, but, well, it's... r00ts !

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


I wonder if anybody still reads this blog.
Well, I moved to my new flat three month ago, been somehow lazy to order my internet connexion, then they were lazy to plug it in. Now I'm wired again.
Funny how I've lost the ...touch... of it all.
I mean I work in IT, so it took me a few hours to get my accounts running, my old emails plugged back in the brand new mozilla whateverbird, my website on my host, and so on. And now I wonder: what was it all about again ?
I'll have a walk in the mists of the always changing realm of the wild wide web and seek the meaning of it all.
Which is 42, as it happens.
woups, forgot to put a few links in there, will look gray and sad an uniform without the blue specks of hypertext references. Whatever, never look back, my backpack is ready, let's walk the forgotten paths again.
Cya world.
PS - To whom concerned, my ICQ is up from time to time, leave a message.

Sunday, February 22, 2004


Gosh it's cold today ! (Cold means Zero - That's celsius, not Fahrenheit - )
Well, don't have my home connection yet, got my phone bill though: Line opening, three month pre-pay, that's... - ouch ! This is MY f*cking money and I havent paid my taxes yet. Hell.
When I was a student I could save on my grant. Now I have a salary, and at the end of each month I got a little bit less. That's not gonna last forever. Got to figure how to get rich now. Or at least wealthier.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Not Here

Well, I've ordered my internet connection a few days ago, It'll be two or three weeks before it's up and running, for now I'm still off net.
My website hosted by lycos has been lost in cyberspace, my backup is somewhere in a crystal box, on a probably unreadable disc, so long.
I'm not very talkative right now, I suppose I'll have to learn again how to blog when online.
See ya world.
PS: I'm not sad, just tired - I know I sound sad, rereading this post.
PPS: Hey girl.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Still @ Work

This is not a time to be at work. Still I am. Glad I went out yesterday night, 'cause this friday night seems compromised. Whatever, stuff to do, the progs are running (hell, computing power is exponential, but never reaches the required level), just wait and write some others. And wait.
One good point is:
In winter the sun goes down around 5pm, at that time it's ok to be at work, then you work, and at a certain point you're done, and you go home. It can be 1, 2 or 5 hours, nothing will change outside (I'm in a very quiet place) so you don't tell to yourself 'WTF am I doin' here !' every five seconds. Reached the end, gotta go and check.

PS: Not been ice-skating yet.
PPS: The screen fire is finished, I'll post it sometime.

Sunday, January 11, 2004


No News. I'm feeling lazy. That party was too long. Shortens the Sunday too much. I'd like to go and watch lost in translation. I'd like the spring to start tomorrow. I'd like to go ice-skating. I'd like to go and see the sea. I'm tired.
The Great Book of Forgotten Memories.
I'm obviously not the first one to be appealed by those two words. o o o o o

PS: Remember when I was searching for a fire screen saver ? Well, I didn't find what I was looking for. So I decided to do one myself, but I'm not going to reinvent the wheel, as it would be squarish and I'm lazy. So I've written a winamp visualization component to do the trick. Winamp provides me with a convenient graphic language and a rendering module, I just have to figure out how to do a fire-like screen. I'll post it later, don't have it right there, and it's not finished yet.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Hey World.
I'm still alive, dropping a quick note to keep you posted.
Well, it's gonna be a week in a few days now, got some friends around last weekend, to fill my bar (it's full of empty bottles now - clever guy -), and now I'm slowly settling, clipping old postcards, paintings, opening old archives to look into my past. To dig in the always deeper well full of forgotten memories. I could have written the story of MaxPayne, don't ya think ?
Apart from that, work is starting in a rush on this Happy New Year, two weeks holidays don't make an easy come back.
Tonight - midnight - the sales will start in Paris, get ready to spend your next month salary. (It's cheaper, it doesn't mean you will spend less, girls know that)

Friday, January 02, 2004


As I told you some time ago, I found an apartment, I've been moving stuff around and now I'm ready to move in. I won't be wired, so you won't hear from me for some time, one or two weeks I guess.
Well, got to go and buy bedsheets.
Snow has stopped btw.
Happy second of january.

Thursday, January 01, 2004


Happy New Year.
It's snowing this morning.
I think I'll stay home all day.