Sunday, May 18, 2003

Yesterday. Saturday. Woke up early as planned. I saw "the matrix : reloaded". Brilliant. The most exciting thing is to remember all the scenes after the show that makes you want to see it again. Saw "Fanfan la tulipe". Great time too. My best "two movies in a row" since Signs/Bowling for columbine. Post here and see friends as planned. Drank beer then wine. Drunk. Go to a party. Only strangers. Danced alone waiting that Martini did its effects. No effect. Should try real alcohol. Left with ryk before i feel really sad.
Today. Sunday. Woke up at eleven. Phoned to the girl A. for an big hour. Went to eat foie gras at M.'s place with the boy A. and F. and watched star wars 2. Walked through the rain with F. Too much rain. We waited together that it calmed down. I feel that rain is quite more romantic than any sun. I went home. Wet. Wrote. Understood the title of this blog. Cool.

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