Monday, May 26, 2003

Sunday. Woke up with very bad feelings. Two horrible hours. Then i felt better. Free. Didn't find how it happened. Didn't want to do anything but wasn't desesperate. Looked at my computer for a long time. Played stupid games on the net. A call helped me to get out of my lethargy. Drank at the Indiana ,Odeon Paris, with two friends and feeled incredibly well. Not the moment to leave so i saw Matrix Reloaded for the second time. Great moment. Thanks. Slept not much but well. My ring woke me. Happened only one a month. On average.
Today. Monday. Worked quite well. Feel good but tonight all fell. Maybe a reason. That's a pity. Only one thing to do : press and watch a movie. The movie was "last of the mohicans". Good movie. Pressed and watched the movie. Alone. Being alone is really not the best way. But it's secured. Good night.

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