Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Okay, let's post with this new fresh template.
First a question. Most of the last news begin with 'Okay'. Why? Answer may be : Why not after all?
Reminded me a joke in Peanuts (sorry : personnal translation). Charlie Brown says :"Sometimes, when i'm sleeping, i wake up and asked "Why?" then i hear a voice saying "Why what?" ".
Tuesday. Worked. Wanted to see in the evening "das experiment" at the theatre.
Finally chose to go out and see friends. Came late at the rendezvous (as the french say). Drank and ate with a friend looking at a girl who was waiting for a long time for someone we will never see.Feeled Good. Remarked that we were eating at the same bar where there were other friends we haven't seen. Finally Walked to an other bar with five friends. Bar Chez Georges. Drank Wine with them. Talked. Smiled. Laughed. Looked people in the eyes Danced two minutes then sat. Reversed things from my bag to the floor. Left before feeling bad. Went Home. Wine stain in my trousers. Damn. Slept. Woke up too early.
Feel sick. Alcohol? Mind? Both?
That's all.
Am I really clear?

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