Wednesday, August 13, 2003

With the beatles

This has been a time a great trouble.
Actually not really. What did those last days bring me? Not many things but enough happiness.
I had this thought : sometimes unhappy people are thinking about the time they were happy but didn't feel it. So did I.
And i didn't really find a period of time where i should have been happy. Does this mean that i never had been happy? Maybe.
But i had better think that i'am currently happy !

Well Okay, i spent last weekend at home and met my friends there. I know some of them since little childhood.
But i was introduce to some other girls&boys. i might said I did have some great times and spent a lot of money.
Listened to Guitar. Tasted again Smirnof ice saturday night. Quite refreshing. But it didn't help me to stay at the party because some people had to leave. Had better sleeping?

Also Strange feelings in my head. Stranges conversations. Strange acts.
And today i'm working, waiting for a phone call that now may never come. Should i call again?

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