Sunday, August 17, 2003

The world is full of people. I think I didn't notice before. I mean, I've got friends, relatives, colleagues, I know, let's say, a hundred people, two hundred?
And I've got a computer, linked to the internet, swarming with people. Since I've started this blog, along with Frenchy, I'm much more sensitive to this personal aspect of the internet.
The other day I was playing with winamp2 and the shoutcast TVs, I came across two webcams, one was a guy, chating on IRC, webcam online, just idle chat, but you can see one of the guys. Funny. Not useful at all, but fun. For a little while. The other one was a girl, who is running a blog, a small website, and has this cam online, sometimes. Well, I think running a blog is really personal, meaning that it is mainly for the author, except if you are a celebrity in real life nobody (but your friends) will regularly come to your blog. So what of a webcam? Well, maybe a bunch of random wandering guys (and girls, for the internet doesn't care of your sex) will come across, but that's just... noise.
This was an example - lengthy - of some personal interest that will remain (my point of view) personal.
On the other hand I came across (to be honest I followed a link from webcam-girl-website) a photoblog. Well a photo website, then from link to link I arrived to, where I learned what is a photoblog. And ther I found a lot of websites, a lot of pictures and... portraits. auto-portraits. How come people always want to see themselves on the net!? Ok, I am this type of person, but... hell.
So, today I learned there is a bunch of people out there, mostly on other continents, I knew that already, 've been at school, years ago. I learned that everybody wants to say something to the mic', and that internet is the place to do that. 'cause you can talk, even if nobody cares to listen! (And the only thing you gotta do is remove your xiti counter not to be aware of that). I'm too young to be blind, I'll keep this counter.
PS : Thanks to LAMP, php nukes, blogger and all the techs which gave free speech to the (wired) world.
Have a nice day world.
PS(two, sorry). Mozilla is now my browser. (FYI?)

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