Sunday, September 28, 2003

This and That

Hey World.
I'll be right back.


Here I am.
I originaly opened my browser to post about my new palm toy, but a lot of stuff came to my mind when I was waiting for this damn 'light' browser to load. Just kidding, it is light. mostly.
Okay, so I have a palm, which was my dad's some time ago, and was lying in a little box inches from my computer, alone and forgotten. Got it out, installed a news retriever, and let's rock. Now I'll read the washington post in the paris bus.
I'll be right back (again).

Ok, here I am again.
So, I am now searching for websites offering news in a convenient format for handheld device, means no fancy tables, images, and whatever not text.
Plucker provides a basic list, including /., wired and such, plus some news as CNN. I'm quite sure reuters would have such a handheld formated section, the thing is WHERE THE F*CK IS IT !?
Well, searching that I found several collections of classics in plucker format. Some reading. Cool.
I'll take some for the ride.

I'm almost done, just to finish: I've seen The Core this afternoon. Well. That film is no good. They tried to remake armageddon, twisting the scenario a bit so nobody would guess. A forgotten scientist creates a new device to melt rocks, together with the super-steel to build the incredible machine, right when needed by the American Army.
One funny thing: the rat (yeah, the super hacker - the actor is the little guy in road trip) plays a tune using a chewing gum package (well, here my english is failing) to unlock a phone (Now you've got interurban calls gratis, for life.) This is just like the Tgirl talking with a modem in T3.
I was going to see an armageddon like, I saw a... bad remake of... can't find something quite as plotless.

Watching Alice in wonderland.
Singingdaffodils. I like this word, daffodil. It goes with lulllaby, lolita and loreleil. I like Ls.
Ohoh, Alice ate the mushroom. Too much of it. hehe.
See ya World.

About this study I mentionned earlier(Can you raed tihs?), showing that you can read scrambled words, as long as first and last letters are well placed... Found a trace on slashdot, and then to the source... which is not any university. (BTW, sometimes it is about cambridge uni and sometimes just an english uni. Anyway, here is the trace:
Slashdot->>languagehat->avva's blog(Start).
Note all are somehow blogs. And the university didn't publish (on the net) or nobody didn't care to link.
However, read that for a more complete story.
And that paper.

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