Monday, September 15, 2003


I'm lucky today.
I take two buses to go to work, and to more to come back, I had three of them as soon as I walked by the bus stop,
back home the lift was at ground floor, and I had emails from distant friends in the box.
If I was in gambling I would. I'm not.
An article about a cambridge university study showing that you can write all wrong and still be read spread today, I'm searching for a reliable source...
And I have no comment about my digital camera problem... I think I'll pick the olympus, as frenchy has slightly the same one and I know it is nice.
By the way, I browsed through the columns of the washington post today, find it quite interesting, good overviews.
By another way, you may have (or not) noticed that I don't use my googler anymore. Well, that's not because I'm grown up and have started to use hyperlinks with more care, it's just because my computer is much more stable since the weather is cooler and I don't have to save when writing, so I write directly in blogger. I might write a pluggin for mozilla to instantly create the link to the google search... Yeah, sounds great!... does it? Well, if you have mozilla, you can select a word, right clic, and clic 'web search for "selected" ', so it would be for ie-users. Still lot of people.
Oh, I'm still looking for an apartement in paris - to be honest I wasn't very efficient this summer - if you have anything, do not hesitate, post a comment or mail me. My mail is somewhere on this page, left side.
Well, that was a nice chat, I feel like I could continue for some days, but I've got to go - See ya.
( BTW: I didnt find the cambridge uni study )

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