Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Hello world.
Nothing new today, lot of work, visited an apartment this evening, cool, might be too expensive, I'll know the exact price tomorrow. We'll see.
Tomorow will start early, so let's go to bed.
Cya world.


Well, I'm not sleepy right now. I'm listening some random music on shoutcast radio. I wonder if they have licenses to broadcast. f*cking RlAA.
It's quite funny to see the internet, which has grown wildly unoticed from any commercial vamp during the last ten (twenty) years, now poluted by people wanting to own that or that. I'm not really concerned by the linux/sco debate nor this RIAA affairs as I'm in europe (I do hope the frontwave will be stoped inside the mighty US of A and we won't have to bother), but I'm contemplating all that movement, debates, subpoenas and noise, wondering if I should trow my computer away and get back to ink and paper.
Thanks to the community, which IS the backbone of the internet, I won't.
[change of music - I feel like fighting now - never underestimate...]
Yes, the community of people who USE the internet, who browse, post, email, lurk, blog, rant, troll, swap, read, write, design, search, develop, test, USE the biggest bloody entity ever created by man, this community runs the internet, is the blood, the red cells, the energy running trough the cold and icy glass wiring the continents under the oceans.
- Please feel free to copy and distribute this rant -

Good night world.

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