Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hello world.
It's been a while - my home computer was down for a week, and a lot of work at work, no time for blogging there - here are the news:
- still havent find my apartment, still searching
- summer is still here, despite what meteorologists try to make us believe
- ITs have finaly managed to produce low price PCs with easy to install stuff, everything is up an running minutes /hours/ after you came home with a bunch of boxes. (given I already had the internet wired)
I've found a BlogStockMarket, will have a look at that later (see link on right side), my firebird seems a bit unstable, I've been kicked twice when browsing this afternoon.
Well, that is a nice chat, but I need to go out and feel the sun when it is still here.
Ciao world.

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