Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Le Décodeur.

I've recently read a book by Guy Tournay titled Le Décodeur.
This book pretends to describe a website on a serie called Street Hassle closed by the FBI for being used as a communication channel for terrorist organisations.
Wondering about the reality of the facts on which the book is based, I did a bit of searching, here are the raw results.

Links referenced:
The article is available. Describes the use of steganography as a communication channel for terrorist organisations. Dated 02/05/2001.
No mention of "Street Hassle" nor of websites closed by the FBI.,5987,3244--222839-, 00.html
This article is no longer available.
This publication is available, it is a paper about steganography, as a response to the USA today article and a wired article. It is not a report about analysing ebay content as stated in Le Décodeur.,0,1,0,1.php3
This web page is no longer available.
This web site is still online, and is effectively the web site of the WCC 2003: International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography, March 24-28, 2003, Versailles (France). The focus of this workshop is related to the activities of the CSIS.
This is a link to the INA: Institut National d'Archive, referencing a book titled Les dossiers de l'audiovisuel with an article by Guy Tournaye titled TV/Internet : convergence ou cannibalisation ? No more information about the article is available.

Other references:

The George Mason University exists :
The CSIS exists :
No publication on FBI or Street Hassle.
No related publication in 2002 nor 2003.

No "street hassle" serie on Imdb.
No results on google for +"street hassle" +abc.
No results on for Street Hassle.
No results except online librairies and critics for "guy tournay".
"Street hassle" is a Lou Reed album.

You can find more information on steganography in the wikipedia.

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