Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Winamp5 - Winter - Whatever

Hey world.
Several things catched my attention today, but now I can't remember any. Except Winamp5Alpha is out (not found on though), funny to go from winamp 2 and 3 to 5, a way of saying 'ok, 2 was good, 3 was, but in a different way, so let's not do a 4 and have three different versions, but a five (quantum jump) and start on a stable basis again.
I've finaly watched 24s2, great. My favorite quote will be "Shoot him again now, Kim"(wav) (I bet it's your's already). The end is weird (in a WhatTheHell way).
Well, I'll get back to you later, things to do.
See y'a world.

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