Friday, November 14, 2003

Lazy Net

Hey world.
End of week, those three days were exhausting.
Some quick news first:

  • I've uploaded KTTS on another location.
  • FreeRadioLinux is still down.
  • KTTS.L : The quickest way to make you PC talk.
  • Waouh, I hadn't used those list tag for a while!
  • I'm wondering if I should change the font to 10 or 12pt, I think it's 8 right now. Is it too small ? A quick benchmark of common websites shows mine is written quite small. Wadayathink?
  • I added this blog to blogshare. Just for the sake of it, I saw the link on the blogging ecosystem page (see below).

Wandered to Recommended Reading, which will recommend you with new website since you give a start point. Based on the blogging ecosystem, a sort of map of the blogs. (sort of because I supose there is a little more about an ecosystem than just nodes and links.)
I just removed the links to blogmatrix as I'm not convinced of the use of keeping them.
I'm setting up an auxiliary website to upload content and link to it. May not be usefull at all.
Well, I went to AngelFire, but this is WebSite for dummies (no offense), so I went back to my old multimania. Both are owned by Lycos, but the services are quite different. Well, so many different people.

Well, so long world, I'm going to bed.

Not yet, just saw this image: there, I like it.

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