Sunday, November 16, 2003

Today - Tonight

Lazy day today. Raining, cloudy. Gone through le jardin du luxembourg around noon, I was alone, rain playing in the trees, cold wind. Silence.
Tonight I'll go to see the FatalsPicards. Maybe I'll try to take a nap before.
Oh, and we lost the rugby match.
Two hours later
Well, that was a good concert. Small scene, we arrived at the middle of the concert, for the band we came for, we just saw the end of the previous performance and a small newscast on some anti-war march. (A far-left politician was saying "Let's not start what will be a bloody war, let's show this is not what the people want". Three month later, the war is over, it's still a bloody mess.)
Then the FatalsPicards, good songs, good scene play, feels like being home, or at a friend's party, with a local band playing for a birthday. Cosy.
Now I'll go and have some sleep, tomorrow is another work day.

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