Wednesday, April 07, 2004


I wonder if anybody still reads this blog.
Well, I moved to my new flat three month ago, been somehow lazy to order my internet connexion, then they were lazy to plug it in. Now I'm wired again.
Funny how I've lost the ...touch... of it all.
I mean I work in IT, so it took me a few hours to get my accounts running, my old emails plugged back in the brand new mozilla whateverbird, my website on my host, and so on. And now I wonder: what was it all about again ?
I'll have a walk in the mists of the always changing realm of the wild wide web and seek the meaning of it all.
Which is 42, as it happens.
woups, forgot to put a few links in there, will look gray and sad an uniform without the blue specks of hypertext references. Whatever, never look back, my backpack is ready, let's walk the forgotten paths again.
Cya world.
PS - To whom concerned, my ICQ is up from time to time, leave a message.

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