Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I opened my blog to tell you about my recent discovery: It's Much More Easy To Write On Paper Than On Keyboard.

But then I remembered that I wanted to find a fire screen saver, so I asked google, and browsed trough the first results. I was quite surprised to see that some companies actually try to sell screen savers, for 10 dollars or so (no link here, I believe in free content, not in the "let's ask for money and see if people buy it" attitude). Then I tried a demo (demo meaning "view a version with our name blinking in the corner, and pay later", not demo as "Let's do something impressive wich will be 10kos and run on my grandmother's amiga at 60fps", but that's not really the point), a burning fire. Well that's what I was looking for, but I guess the code is somewhere on sourceforge(?), and I would need about 4 hours to javac out a windowed fire - add free. I'll let you know. (And if you know someone has already done that, tell me)

Now, this was just a remark, and before I go and browse sourceforge to see if a fire hell project already exists, I'll finish with the first point: "It's Much More Easy To Write On Paper Than On Keyboard."
Let me explain. I write stuff like small novels, poems, which are published somewhere on the internet - in French - and not signed ryk, but if you search, you'll find. Whatever, the thing is I usually write on paper, mainly when not at home, and then type back on my notepad.
Some time ago I wanted to write a novel, I hadn't any paper ready, so I tried to start and thing about the story line, find the main character, the plot, the landscape, to draw a global picture. I couldn't. I tried with this method for two weeks, but as soon as I tried to think about the novel, my mind wandered to whatever other subject of immediate concern, and so long for the storyboard. So after a while, I took my notepad (the paper kind), a pen, and waited for five seconds, trying to remember what name I had choosen. Ten minutes later I had my first chapter. (I do small chapters).
I still don't know what the end will be, but I guess my pen will decide along the lines.

And that's all for tonight, I got to find my fire now.
Cya world.

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