Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I was reminded this morning that it's been some days since my last post.
To be honest, we don't post as frequently as before, but I think it's no big deal. It's better to post when you want and not to feel ashamed to be silent for a while, if you've got nothing to say, don't say it. Or do say it, It's quite the same I guess. The point is I had a nice weekend, interesting and all, so I wanted to post on Monday, but I got stuff to do, don't remember what right now, and so I didn't post anything. But my weekend is still in memory. Well, almost.
Yeah, first of all we didn't go out on Friday night, don't even remember if we went to a restaurant or something, I'll keep that question in mind for later remembering, so I was up and running quite early on Saturday morning. Went to visit an apartment, south of Paris, yeah I'm currently looking for a rent, around 30m2, less than 600euros a month, south part of Paris. So I went to see an apartment, got there early, had a walk around, the neighborhood is ok but no more, the apartment itself was ok, but not exactly where I want, I'll take only exactly what I want, so long for this one. Went for some roller around Paris during the afternoon, and then a restaurant/pub with some friends. Some I didn't see for a week, some for a month, some for nearly a year. Was fine, a bit quick, I left early as I wanted to get up early next morning. Next morning I met another friend, the one I can see only from time to time, chat, what's new, so on.
Had a little pause: the question is: What is greater than god, that dead eat, and that, if living eat it, they die?
Ok, back on the tracks. Sunday afternoon was roller again, with friends from work, just an hour and a half run, was cool. Then back home, saw 'Joint Security Area', two friends advised me to see it, they were right. Find it, watch it. Well, that was quite a sum up, I should have been trough it on Monday, memories must be served fresh I'd say, but well, take it as it comes.
What else? Yeah, check that out, it's French, get a babelfish.
Last thing: Harry Potter is on the shelves, I think I've never seen a book as popular as those ones. Well, reading is really good, so go ahead.
Ok, that's it for now, I'd like to draw you a picture about the European consideration about Palladium and the global-trust-bullshit-consortium, I'll do that later, still have a bunch to read.
See ya.

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