Tuesday, July 15, 2003

First of all, the answer was: Nothing. Nothing is greater than god, dead eat nothing, if you eat nothing, you die. Let's carry on.
Today is July 14th, the fall of the French famous castle-jail la Bastille. It means no work, tanks and green boys all over the place, our dear president roaming around and shaking hands, and fireworks. Right now, minutes past midnight, the fireworks are fading, the full moon is smiling, alone again in the dark night.
This has been a wonderful weekend, having three days was a good start, then friends of a friend where coming from Russia, good, except I don't speak Russian, so everybody had to practice english, I joined for the bars and nightclubs mainly, slept during daily visits. Except for today, but we did walk around our beautiful town, see Paris from the sidewalk.
Well, the week end is over now, but kissing a girl on a 14th of July when the Eiffel tower is glittering and the fireworks are popping around is a good souvenir to go to sleep with. Have a good night world. I'll see ya around.

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