Sunday, March 12, 2006

Netvibes modules

Hey world,

I recently switched from google/ig to Netvibes. This is a great AJAX desktop, far ahead of the others in my opinion.
And as I like to make a desktop my own, I wrote three modules for netvibes:

Daily comics module, inspired from the comics google module by Grimmthething. Presents a list of comics, hover on one and the daily strip appears:

BG image, a port/extract of my Personalized Home module. Displays a stretched image as netvibe's background. Also makes the modules background transparent:

Quick search, a small search box, with only the query box and a set of icons linking to the search engines. Enter a term, click the icon you choose, and the results opens in a new window.

Have a look at netvibes wiki page for more info and other modules.


Anonymous said...

can you post more detailed explication of your module?
I would like to make one but i don't know how...
It could be so cooool ^^

Anonymous said...

The BGimage is a really nice addition to the list of of the API addons. And something I've always wanted Netvibes to support. So Thanks.

kyrlian said...

Thanks for the input.

I'm sorry I won't post more info on how I wrote the modules or how they work. The modules are open source, so feel free to have a look at the code.
For more info on how to write your own, have a look ate netvibes' tutorials: