Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google module: yadelicious

I'm pleased to publish my second google module:

Yet another enhanced module.
This module is inlined so it can access it's own user preferences, to enable quick tag selection.
Initially based on Kim Schulz's and Alex Young's.

mirror on

To enable inling you must have the developper module installed:
Click "add Content", and then type "developer.xml" in the "Create Section" box.
This module will list all the modules you have, with "Inlined" and "Cached" checks.
You can check both for "yadelicious.xml".


Franck said...

I think it's the best plugin out there. I wish you could add paging and it would be almost perfect :) A few comments still :)On Firefox 1.5, even though it is inlined, I get the error message saying to enable inlining for a few seconds when changing tags. It would be nice to change the cursor when hovering over tags to a hand. And also a nice touch would be to have a default icon for those sites without icon.

Franck said...

... also, on IE7 on Vista it looks like you need to unselect tags to show the tags. Weird...

kyrlian said...

Thanks for your input.
About the inling error message: it stays during load time and is hidden when the module tests inling. In fact in can't do it the other way because if it's not inlined it can't display a message...Well, I could do it, but this way is easier :).
When changing tags the page is reloaded, same reason.
Hovering Hand will do..
Default icon.. doesn't void space suit you ? I don't really want to use bandwith for no-content
Paging... will do, in a bit.

I'm sorry I can't test on IE7/Vista, but if you can look a the javascript log and point me to the problem, maybe I could fix it.

kyrlian said...

New version published, with pages, hand, and general optimisation. Change tags without reloading.
Still working on default icon.

Franck said...

Wow! What a quick turnaround... It still does not work on IE though (IE7 and IE6 show the same error: Enter your delicious username inthe preferences Inline the module to inherit CSS Use / as tag to display all bookmarks).

In Firefox, I have some tags which when selected don't show any data. If you test with my account (francks) and select the mobile tag for example nothing shows up. For some other tags only a subset shows (travel for example). Also when such a tag is selected and when I click on delicious is does not goes to the right tag...

Also, what would be great is the ability to group tags by bundles and click on the bundle names. And I would put All as the first tag maybe.

Great job!

kyrlian said...

Only the last 100 links are loaded - due to a limitation in delicious JSON. As I get all links at once to avoid reloading, it can be limiting if you have more than 100 bookmarks. The API seems not to have this limit... wait n see.
The delicious link goes to the tag in the prefs at load time, which might not be the last selected.
Bundles... if I can find an easy way to define them... would they be OR or AND groups ?
About IE compatibility... slowly starting to work on it.

Franck said...

Makes sense if there is a limit to 100. As for the stickiness of the chosen tag, the behaviour seems to have changed from previous version which I thought was more natural. If you automatically save the clicked tab everytime you will restore previous behaviour with added benefit that clicking on the header will bring the right tag.

As for bundles, I think you should OR the tags in them or you will not have enough data to display :)

kyrlian said...

Okay, the limit is... avoided.
Well, saving the tag means reload, and that can be heavy depending on what you have on ig... searching for a way around, this is ajax after all.

Franck said...

We're getting there :) When I manually save, it does not create a page refresh at all, so I would think that you can do the same w/o a bad user experience.

There are still a few bugs, like the sorting of links is not by most recent. And when I reload the page, the links of the current tabs are not displayed.

BTW a nich touch would be to have the paging in the title bar if possible, or maybe right after the last tab (in a different color then). That would allow you to page through the links w/o having to move your hand since the <> would always be in the same position (think of Google reader behaviour).

Also, the default icon feature is great. You should default a location there for new users. I pointed to the favicon of and it looks much cleaner :)