Friday, December 16, 2005

Google Module

Recently wrote a google module.
A module is a snippet embeded in google personalized page.

This module is aimed at modifying the look of google personalized homepage.
You can change Columns spacing, Text padding, Link Color, Link style, and Title bar color.

screenshot :

module :
You'll need to set it as "Inlined" using the developer module (see below).

I tested the module on Firefox 1.5 and opera, with windowsXP.

As my module modifies the page style, you'll need to set it as Inlined.
To enable inling you must have the developper module installed.
To add it, just type "developer.xml" in the "Create Section" box.
This module will list all the modules you have, with a 'Inlined' and a 'Cached' chekbox.
You can check both for "Personalized Home" (or for 13694720870286158375 if you are using the google base mirror)
More info about inling

Screenshot there.

You can find info about google modules here.

A mirror of the module is available there:

You might want to have a look at the google groups thread if you have a google groups account.

Due to the limit of 10000 characters applied on google base, the google base mirror is discontinued.

But we have a new mirror on

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